Latinas in Computing had significant presence at the 2019 Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC). GHC 2019 linked together more than 25,000 women technologists and allies with 4 days of sessions, workshops and networking events. This year, many Latinas in Computing from Latin American countries had the chance to attend the conference for the first time thanks to the Scholarships for Women of Color offered by Here’s a short recap of our participation at GHC19:

Latinas in Computing-led sessions at GHC19

The community led the following sessions during GHC19:

  1. Latinas in Computing at the Communities Hall 
    Wednesday, October 2 | 11:30am to 1:00pm | Location: Hyatt Florida Ballroom B

2.   Celebrating Latinas in Technical Roles (Reception) – This social event gave Latinas a chance to network, connect with strong role models, and celebrate their accomplishments
Wednesday, October 2 | 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm | Location: Hyatt Plaza International Ballroom D

3.   Finding Your Dream Job with a Ph.D.
Thursday, October 3 | 9:45 am to 10:45 am |
Speakers: Deb Agarwal, Stefanie Mueller, Raquel Romano (LiC Co-Founder)

4.   Can I Succeed As An Entrepreneur? Or How to Get Started as a Technical Entrepreneur?
Thursday, October 3 | 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm |
Speakers: Jamika Burge, Francesca Escoto, Deldelp Medina

Latinas in Computing at the Communities Hall

Latinas in Computing prepared a booth at GHC19 Communities Hall where Latinas attendees had the chance to interact with community leaders and learn more about the community. We shared the room with fellow communities, such as the Pakistani Women in Computing. Community Leaders were interviewed by the GHC Marketing team for a video promotion showcasing communities.

Latinas in Computing Leaders attended the Community Leaders Reception at GHC19

Ruth Llanos-Vos, Mirkeya Capellán and Luza Jaramillo, LiC Co-Chairs, attended the Community Leaders Reception at GHC19. During the invite-only dinner, appreciated the work of leaders from the different communities who work tirelessly to grow their communities of women technologist around the globe.

Latinas in Computing at the Dance Celebration!

After 4 days of conference, the Latinas in Computing crowd headed to the biggest celebration during the closing party. With a smile in their faces and many new friends, Latinas danced through the night to celebrate that we are in this together to make a better world!

Latinas in Computing at GHC19 Party
Latinas in Computing at GHC19 Party

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