Membership FAQ

All LiC members are invited to add their names to our member list. Please browse the list for your information and follow the below instructions for updating your information. The content is based on each member’s response to the LiC membership survey. The following brief FAQ provides more details about the list.

1. How soon will my update be visible on the membership list?

The published membership list is manually updated in order to protect your privacy, so your new information may not appear immediately. We periodically update the published list with the latest survey results.

2. How do I update my information?

If you would like to make significant revisions to your membership entry, please simply resubmit your answers to the LiC membership survey. The published membership list is periodically updated with the latest survey submissions, so only your most recent response will be published. NOTE: If you need to change your first or last name as it appears on the currently published list, please notify us at so that we can avoid publishing duplicate entries.

3. Can I make a minor change to my information without completing the entire survey?

If you would like to change your response to ONLY 1 or 2 fields and do not want to resubmit answers to the entire survey, please send a brief email to indicating which fields should be changed. Please refer to the exact question in the membership survey that you would like to modify so that we can ensure that your information is accurately updated.

3. Why do some entries show email addresses and/or web sites while others do not?

The membership survey includes questions indicating which pieces of information to make public on our membership page. To change these preferences, follow the instructions in the answer to Question 1 for updating your information.

4. Is this information linked to my subscription to the LiC mailing list or my LiC Facebook group membership?

No. Updating your information here will not affect those memberships, and vice versa.

5. How will you prevent people from submitting false entries to the survey?

A notification will be sent to the primary email address submitted in the survey. If you receive a notification at your email address that your survey response was updated and believe someone has submitted your response without permission, please notify us at