GHC 2011

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Wednesday Nov 9th

9:30AM – 12:00PM

  • PhD Forum Sessions, Gilda Garreton Co-Chair, Locations: B117-119 and B113-115

11:00AM – 12:00PM

  • PhD Forum 2 – Software: “Finding Error-Handling Bugs in Systems Code Using Static Analysis”, Cindy Rubio-González (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Location: B117-119
  • PhD Forum 3 – HCI and Systems – Cecilia Aragon, moderator/mentor, Location: B113-115

2:30PM – 3:30PM

  • CRA-W Career Mentoring Workshop: “The Graduate School Experience,” LiC Speaker: Raquel Romano, Location: B113-115

6:00PM – 7:00PM

  • Latinas in Computing Reception, Location: Skyview Terrace, sponsored by Freddie Mac

Thursday Nov 10th

10:00AM – 11:00AM

  • Session 1 Academic: “What If… You Thrived on the Tenure-Track?” LiC speaker: Cecilia Aragon, Location: B117-119
  • Session 1 Career: “What If We Explore the Paths on Industry Careers?”, LiC speakers: Yina Arenas (Microsoft), Rosa Enciso (Microsoft), Mirkeya Capellan (Sogeti USA), Patricia Carlos (Microsoft), Luz Adriana Jaramillo (Carnegie Mellon University). Location: A105-106
  • Session 1 Students: “What If Computer Science Was Not “Just” About Technology? (Inter)facing the Future from Academia to Industry”, LiC speaker Consuelo Valdes (Wellesley College), Location: D135-136

11:30AM – 12:30PM

  • Session 2 Steering Committee: “Women of Color: Early Experiences in Their Careers”, LiC speakers: Lizdabel Morales-Tirado (University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez), and Nayda G. Santiago (University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez) Location: E141-142

5:15PM – 6:15PM

  • Session 4 BOF: “Industry Researcher Birds of a Feather” LiC speakers: Gilda Garreton (Oracle), Patty Lopez (Intel). Location: E141-142
  • Session 4 BoF: “What If Innovation Does Not Have to Start with a Problem? Sparking Creativity with Available Resources”, LiC speaker: Rosa Enciso (Microsoft)
  • Session 4 BoF: “Time Strikes, We Strike Back: Time Management for Female Computer Science Students”, LiC speaker: Natalia Villanueva-Rosales, Location: A105-106

Friday Nov 11th

11:30AM – 12:30PM

  • Session 6 Career: “Returning to Work after Maternity Leave: Can You Have the Best of Both Worlds?” LiC speakers: Natalia Villanueva-Rosales (Carleton University), Mirkeya Capellán (Sogeti USA), Raquel Romano (Google, Inc.), Location: A105-106

12:30PM – 2:00PM

  • Latinas Lunch, sponsored by Lockheed Martin


  • Session 7 Career: “Following the Non-Academic Track as a PhD: Career Experiences, Challenges and Opportunities”, LiC speaker Monica Martinez-Canales (Intel), Location: B117-119

5:15PM – 6:15PM

  • Session 8 BoF: “Speed Mentoring for Women of Color in Technology”, LiC speakers: Gilda Garreton (Oracle), Patty Lopez (Intel). Location: E145

Saturday Nov 12th


  • Open Source Day Codeathon for Humanity: Google Person Finder Project, LiC Speaker: Raquel Romano, Location: B113-115