Current and Past Events


  • WITI, San Jose, CA, June 5-7, 2016. The Women In Technology International (WITI) Summit is an annual gathering of tech-savvy women held in Silicon Valley.  Executive women, entrepreneurs, and technology thought leaders from around the world converge to collaborate on innovative solutions to common business challenges, explore new business opportunities that underscore how technology is powering change, and build strong connections in a welcoming networking environment of women committed to helping each other succeed.  Use code WOMEN for $200 discount off the prevailing cost of a 3-day pass.




  • Tapia: Scholarship reviewers.
  • SIGCSE: Keynote Flash Talk.
  • Anita Borg Institute, CAHSI, CRA-W: Board service; workshops, CRN pipelines editor, blogs, and social media.
  • CDC Women of Color in Computing Edition: Highlights Latinas in Computing members.
  • GHC Regionals: NMCWiC workshops.
  • GHC: Program co-chair, conference co-chair roles and advisory board participation. Reception Sponsor: MasterCard. Luncheon Sponsor: Lockheed Martin Corporation. Latinas Travel Scholarship: LinkedIn and Microsoft.





  • CRA-W Graduate Cohort Workshop: LiC members Patty Lopez, Gilda Garreton, and Dilma Da Silva presented various talks: “Diverse Backgrounds in the Work Place,” “Being a Woman in Computing Technology,” “Summer Internships,” and “Ph.D. Non-Academic Career Paths: Industrial Research and Development.”
  • CAHSI 3rd Annual Meeting: LiC members Ann Q. Gates, Dilma da Silva, Gaby Aguilera, Cecilia Aragon, Gilda Garreton, Nayda Santiago, and numerous LiC student members participated in panels, including “Mentoring Lessons Shared” and “Selling Yourself and Your Ideas.”
  • GHC 2009: LiC presented in 9 panels and 3 technical presentations and posters. The BoF session “Speed Mentoring for Latinas” was the highest rated session. A reception was held at the beginning of the conference and the Latinas in Computing Luncheon was sponsored by Lockheed Martin. (Detailed schedule.)
  • 8th Annual NSF ADVANCE Meeting: LiC, at the invitation of the Association for women in Science (AWIS) and jointly with CRA-W, conducted a table top session, “Unique Challenges Faced by Latinas in STEM Disciplines,” addressing roles that professional scientific societies play in furthering gender equity in STEM disciplines.



  • GHC 2007: LiC organized the Latinas in Computing Luncheon, a panel, “Successful Latinas Opening Doors to the Future: Advancing Latinas in Computing” and a Birds of a Feather session, “Latinas in Computing”.
  • CAHSI 2nd Annual Meeting: LiC members Ann Q. Gates, Nayda G. Santiago, and Cecilia Aragon presented and participated in various talks and workshops: “The Role of CAHSI in Broadening Participation,” “Introduction to Research,” “Affinity Research Groups,” “Industry Perspective: Challenges and Opportunities on Strengthening Competitiveness.”